How To Turn Your Broad Match Keywords Into Phrase Match

One of the most common problems UltraGranular highlights in the campaigns it analyzes is the widespread use of “broad match” keywords. Using broad match is promoted by ad platforms as the best way to “get the most traffic,” but what they don’t say is that traffic is quite often irrelevant. Broad match is a license for Google Ads to send you just about any kind of traffic deemed “related” to your keywords. To make your campaign more profitable, you need to change your keywords to phrase match, which “guarantees” (or at least strongly increases the chances) that your target keywords will be included in the queries your ad is shown for.

Here’s how to switch to phrase match (super easy)

There’s a simple way to switch to broad match. Open a campaign and navigate to “Keywords.” Then, select all the keywords (also click “select all” if not all of them were selected in the process.

Then click Edit and select the Change Match Types and Change All Match Types options:

Then just click Apply:

…and wait for the operation to complete. Your keywords will end up between double quote marks, which means that Google Ads is now supposed to make sure the keywords you chose are indeed in the search query your ads are showing for.

We say “supposed,” because of course, Google Ads allows so-called “close variants” to also match your keywords. And though sometimes they are indeed close (For example, “doggy” is definitely a close variant for “dog,” but “animal” is not close enough.), sometimes they really aren’t. That’s why you need to keep using UltraGranular to carefully audit your search terms on a weekly basis. Doing so will set you apart from your competitors and make you bid only on super-relevant search terms, allowing you to raise your bid at no extra cost.

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