Turbo-Analyze PPC Search Terms To Find Negative Keywords 10x Faster And Upgrade Your Ads

Stop Paying For Clicks You Don't Need!

The secret to getting more clicks and paying less on Google Ads is buried in your Google Ads' often-overlooked "search term report."
... And UltraGranular scours 1000s of search terms and highlights likely negative keywords & ad extension opportunities, saving you 90% time & making it fun and easy!
UltraGranular highlights hidden optimization opportunities in your search terms, so you save money and get more clicks.

How Much Have You Been Wasting?

This Tool Digs Deep In Your Search Terms To Quickly Highlight Hidden Money-Saving Negative Keywords Your Competitors Don't Know About


Save Time On Negative Keywords

UltraGranular shows the most important search terms first, it highlights extra words in red, and even detects potential negative keywords, so you save a lot of time. Plus, it won't show again the search terms you have seen before!

No wasted time!


We Show You The Money

As you add negative keywords, UltraGranular automatically estimates how much they will save you per year in your account's currency.

It also tells you the competitive advantage you gain over competitors (most of them ignore their negative keywords). Found 15% savings in wasted spend? Raise your bids by that much at no extra cost to you and leave the competition in the dust.


Easily Find Ad Extension Ideas

UltraGranular can also see, in your search terms, potential for a great callout, a sitelink, or material you could add to your structured snippets. All you have to do is click and edit!

According to Google (and our own tests), ad extensions can increase the click-through-rate by up to 15%.

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Testimonials & Case studies

GIROUX Tops Auction Insights

“ With Ultragranular, our staff was able to achieve an obsessive scrutiny of our search terms, quickly adding every bit of irrelevant terms as negative keywords week after week. Within two months, we were higher than all our competitors in the Google Ads’ “Auction Insights” across Europe ”

- Eric Giroux, founder and CEO of London-based insuretech firm Giroux.ai

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Running a PPC Agency? Here is Why All Agencies Need UltraGranular:

If you work in a serious PPC agency, you know already how important it is to regularly monitor the search term report in search of negative keywords. And UltraGranular saves a lot of time, it helps justify your usefulness, win the auction while maintaining the same ROI... which justifies increasing client fees if you are paid by the spend or by the lead. Here is how:

Justify your fees! Auto-generate nice negative keyword reports after each job.
Quickly add negative keywords just by clicking on words.
It sorts search terms by importance & highlights extra words in red. Scan them for potential negative keywords.
It highlights your target keywords that are NOT in the user query. Easily identify dubious "close variants."
Get an estimate of the savings and the gained competitive advantage. Watch your auction insights go up!
And best of all, it remembers the search terms you already audited when you reuse it later! UltraGranular's Easy Search Term Scrutiny Is an Unfair Advantage. Get It Before Competitors Do!

5 Reasons Why Optimizing With UltraGranular Works So Well


Because Ultragranular Helps You Leave The Bad Search Terms To Your Competitors (You Keep The Good Ones)

UltraGranular works because, as you keep adding more negative keywords every month, your competitors keep paying and paying and paying for tons of irrelevant traffic while you pay only for super relevant traffic, allowing you to bid more (but only on the right search terms)... all while still paying much less than them in total. That's what we call the Alternating Stairway Of PPC. You go up Google's Auction Insights, they stay down there. Good for them!

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Because Ultragranular’s Fun And Easy Interface Makes You Wanna Do It, Not Put It Off

When was the last time you used Google’s dull black and gray search term report interface? Adding negative keywords ongoingly is a repulsive task with it and that’s why most campaign managers lag and delay on that crucial task, making Google happy because they pay for irrelevant search terms.

UltraGranular saves 90% time (because it skims 10,000s of search terms shows the most relevant ones first and never shows already seen search terms again) and makes it easy to keep adding more negative keywords week after week, so much so that you actually can’t wait for more search term reports to analyze. It is a negative keyword tool that transforms a boring task into an exciting treasure hunt.

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Because Search-term-inspired Ad Extensions Confirm To Searchers That You Do Have What They Are Looking For

If someone searches “White d-shaped robot vacuum with mop attachment and self-empty bin,” your general robot vacuum ad may work... but if you add Callouts or Sitelinks that confirm all of these features as you discover them from search terms, Google will boost your ad and searchers will want to click on them and you will leave competitors in the dust.

We call this the “confirmation effect”. UltraGranular is great at analyzing your search term report and pinpointing what’s on the mind of searchers, allowing you to then confirm it to them using ad extensions. More traffic, same price!

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Because, As You Gain Impression Shares, New Negative Keywords Will Appear

Adding negative keywords when starting a campaign is great, but it is NOT enough! In some campaigns, we are still finding more negatives in our search term report years after launching. Why? Because as you save on wasted spend, you can raise your bids and get more traffic for the same price.

Your ads then show for new search terms, unveiling new potential negative keywords, further upgrading your relevancy. And so on… UltraGranular makes you increasingly distance from the competition. Goodbye Charlie Brown!

Read about 5 lesser-known benefits of adding negative keywords regularly


Because More Relevance Automatically Means A Better Quality Score

Excluding irrelevant search terms as negative keywords means that your click through rate will go up, because your ads will increasingly be shown only to the most relevant users -- and relevant users are more likely to click, it's that simple. Google will notice and reward you by boosting your quality score, bringing cheaper clicks and more of them! Does it get any better?

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