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The best way to beat your competitors at Google Ads or MS Ads is to regularly audit your search terms with UltraGranular and if you think you can get away with just a "standard" pre-made negative keywords list, you are fooling yourself and will end up like most other advertisers: paying for traffic you don't need and losing money to Google and Bing.

However, it's good practice to at least include some starter basic keywords when you start a campaign and there is no better tool for this than our free universal but customizable negative keyword list generator, right here. It will generate a list for any category, cut just for you based on your answers to a few questions:

Answer 13 questions and gain access to the free share of our current count of up to 1611 negative keywords, the world's longest list of negative keywords.

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1. B2B Searchers

If you don't typically do business with other businesses (b2b), exclude these to avoid searchers just looking for blogs, training, conferences or case studies in their professional field (63 negative keywords, including 10 premium ones)

2. Do-it-Yourselfers

Do-it-yourselfers are a problem in many categories. Is your campaign's topic a domain where people may want to “do it themselves,” therefore not be looking for you or your business to do it for them. (63 negative keywords, including 37 premium ones)

3. Student-related

Can your campaign's topic be studied at school? For instance, if you advertise a thrift store, it's unlikely people will look for “thrift store classes,” but if you advertise any service that can be learned at school, check this option to exclude education-related keywords. (62 negative keywords, including 13 premium ones)

4. Cheapstakes

Are bargain hunters a problem for the business you are advertising, or are they instead welcome? Check this to exclude bargain hunters, people looking for cheap items or services. (56 negative keywords, including 34 premium ones)

5. Instruction Seekers

Could people be looking for instructions about what you want to advertise? (11 negative keywords, including 1 premium ones)

6. Job Seekers

Are job seekers likely to search jobs related to your keywords? If this is a hiring ad campaign, leave this option unchecked, otherwise, consider selecting it to exclude job seekers. (66 negative keywords, including 17 premium ones)

7. Window Shoppers

People looking for reviews, price quotes, retailer locations and the like (30 negative keywords, including 17 premium ones)

8. Repairers

Select this option if you would like to exclude people looking to repair things, troubleshooters, etc. (For instance, if you only sell new goods) (72 negative keywords, including 17 premium ones)

9. Info Seekers

Some people just want to know trends or stats about your topic. Most negative keyword lists should include this sub-set. (56 negative keywords, including 28 premium ones)

10. Second-handers

Do you prefer to avoid consumers not looking to buy brand new? (used item seekers, renters, etc) (18 negative keywords, including 8 premium ones)

11. Art Movements

If your campaign's topic is akin to visual arts, even remotely, check this box to exclude art movements (such as cubism, impressionism, etc), which we've seen searched on a wide array of topics (e.g. “Brutalist web design”) (249 negative keywords, including 104 premium ones)

12. Online Retailers

This one is a split decision. The Amazons and Walmarts of this world are searched with almost all topics. Exclude this if your campaign's topic has nothing to do with online stores (e.g. realtor) or if you don't want people to buy what you sell by themselves (e.g. “Split air conditioner at amazon”), but do not exclude these if you want to try to steal their traffic (e.g. “Generator at Brandsmart Sawgrass”). (372 negative keywords, including 309 premium ones)

13. Bricks & Mortar Retailers

Similar to “Online Retailers,” this list excludes additional retailers that are mostly in the bricks and mortar business (Kohl's, Burlington, Canadian Tire & Target come to mind). You may choose to exclude these to avoid people looking to buy locally but still welcome traffic from people who were looking to buy online. (121 negative keywords, including 74 premium ones)